Pictures say a thousand words but videos will leave you speechless. Treasuring memories for any event from holidays, graduations, kids sporting games, birthday parties or as simple as a weekend with family. Cherish those memories over and over again! Perhaps you're a business and need drone footage before and after aerial shot or a walk in perspective of your storefront. Let me capture your moments or enhance your business.

Who is Vivo

Behind the love and passion to design

I'm a true geek at heart with an extensively unique background not only within the creative and design industry but as an inspired positive creative thinker. I've been designing for about 20 years, including but not limited to: personal projects, family or social events, non profit organizations, sport organizations and small businesses. I like a good challenge and I take pride being a creative problem solver. Design is Life.

Not just a designer

I earned my Bachelor of Arts at San Francisco State University and currently earning my Masters of Arts in Arts Management at Claremont Graduate University, Sotheby's Institute of Art. I allowed myself to remain open minded and consider myself to be an entrepreneur. I also have acquired a variety of business skills such as business operations, marketing, time management, best practices, Information Technology (IT) troubleshooting, problem solving, general management and have taken on multiple leadership and managerial roles. I also specialize marketing analysis and management. Focus driven in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) integration, maintenance and email marketing automation workflows and systems (Salesforce and Hubspot). I not only design but I'll take your project from start to end, finished product. Providing services for printing, custom products, marketing and creative support and providing additional support in developing a business operational and marketing plan.

I'm more than words - Meet Me

Of course there is more to me than what you see or read. Acquiring the skills is part of the recquisition but personality and my adaptable social qualities are just as vital to finding the right individual for any organization, business or project. I'm friendly, professional, outgoing and ooze passion for what I do. A geek at its best! I'm here to assist you grow your business. Let's meet over coffee and let's get creative.